How to Sew a Potholder

I’m going to make a mit potholder in addition to just square potholder that you can also use as a trivet or to put a hot plate on. In order to create this really fun project what you’re going to need is fabric so I have some fabric here. This is going to be my main fabric for my potholders and I also have a little bit of lining fabric. This is what I’m going to use for the mit potholders to line the interior oven you’re not really going to see it but you will kind of see a little bit of it at the very bottom of the rest. I think it’s such a cute little fabric that I figure why not.

You’re also going to need some batting so when you’re making pot holders there is different types of batting there’s batting that is called mylar batting that is actually mylar fabric used on one side to batting. That just gives it a little extra heat resistant when you are using something that will come in contact with hot food. But I didn’t have any and I figured I just go ahead and double up on my batting so I’m just using some thin quilting batting and I’m going to cut two pieces of it. It will give some extra depth to the inside and I’m also going to use a little bit of rick rack trim and that’s to go around the wrist as well as to make a little loop so you can hang up your potholder if you need to in your kitchen.

In addition to using your rick rack as a little trim there’s also another product that you can use that is called double fold bias tape. What that is basically a long piece of trim that actually is folded double folded and it’s cut on the bias so that means you can actually put it around something that is circular and it will mold to the shape of it. Because it does have a little bit of stretch and we’re going to use that to go around the wrist. After you put the pot holder pieces together you do need a little bit of finishing around the wrist just to give it a very polish look. So if you don’t want to use rick rack you can use the other bias tape and you can find the bias tape usually right next to the zippers and the rick rack in most of your fabric stores.

Make a Pot Holder

I have cut these five inch squares and I’m going to make them into half square triangles now I have created videos on how to complete half square triangles as well as how to do chain piecing which I’m going to just do right now. This is where you just line the next one up and you just keep going so you create like a little mini banner out of your squares you end up with something a bit like this it’s like a little train (chew chew) So what I’m going to do is just cut down the middle like so, I’m going to do that on all of my squares and then I end up with two. when you open it up it’s going to look something like this so now I’ll come over to my pressing pad. Now we can have a bit of fun with how we want our pot holder to look so we could do something like this or we can have that at the top.

All I’m going to do is just move around those pieces until you decide how you want your design to look. It’s all up to you, I’m currently adding side pieced onto the inside sections onto my pot holder just to make it square this may be a little bit too big but I’m going to go and roll with it I have this really thick 12 weight thread in my machine and I’m going to do some squiggly lines down this pot holder doesn’t this look fabulous this is a thick weight thread so it’s standing out and looking a lot more prominent on my work so right here I start to do a meander on this inside triangle here looking pretty cool it’s absolutely amazing I’m starting to wonder if I actually want to put a pot on it let’s be honest this is looking beautiful I say this to you all the time guys free motion quilting really isn’t hard don’t over think it you need to get started and you need to practice if you kind of get this kind of mess on the reverse of your quilts or whatever item you’re free motioning that is because you were not drawing the bobbin thread up properly I’m going to show you how to do this. I wanted to do this to show you what this looks like because it’s ugly and it’s an absolute mess here we go we’re going to bring our needle up and then we are going to grab the threads and this is the bobbin thread here and pull.

That stops that nesting from happening so what I’ve done here now is I’ve chopped off the ends of, like the excess here and I am going to put a binding on it when I attach my bindings I normally do it from the front and I accidentally did it from the back so oh well we’re just doing it a different way this time so here it is all finished guys what do you think I think it looks awesome I’ve also got one of my great big stewing pots here.

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