How to Sew Inseam Pockets

Taking fashion sewing classes is just not enough to learn something new. Lots of really flowy kind of summery pieces. We are social enterprise so we work with women in Cambodia and teach them the skills so that they can create these beautiful garments. We started about five years ago and we were a small project that was run by the Cambodian kids foundation in Kampong Cham in Cambodia. And originally began as a way to get new mothers and young mothers together just chatting and sharing kind of advice and just a way really to bring them out of their homes and kind of into more a community space so they had support. And we originally made sock monkeys and then slowly as they’re sewing kind of progressed we moved on to clothing which is kind of where we are That is amazing. Wow and so these items are all handmade by these beautiful women who are over there with skills that you guys have helped them to learn and yeah it’s just so nice to know that by buying these things that are Fairtrade it’s helping to support that community and it’s helping to teach these mums skills and get them out.

I understand that that also means that they’re able to access perhaps other medical treatments and things like that that they may not have gotten to before. Yes so along with not only does Sew Good pay the women the living wage so well above any other kind of wage that women who hadn’t been to university would receive, and we also pay for every single member of their family to receive free health care which involves you know emergency kind of care if needed as well as preventative checkups like with the dentist and optometrist yearly. And we also pay for every single one of their children to go through school for free to university. That is just phenomenal all of this through these beautiful clothes available here that you guys have helped bring to us. Thank you so much.

No thank you. I hope that everyone keeps coming down and supporting it cuz they’re beautiful items. Yeah me too and I think it’s also really good like not only do you get a beautiful piece of clothing but there’s so much that it actually does. So it kind of is a win-win.

Sewing Inseam Pockets

Once you’ve sewn both pocket bags go ahead and give them a good press in the opposite direction and attach your pocket to your side seam seam allowance by giving it a 1/4″ top stitch along that pocket edge this extra stitch will help keep your pocket bag from trying to slip out whenever you are wearing your garment. Now we can start sewing our side seam & our pocket bag together starting at the top of our seam allowance, we are going to use whatever seam allowance our pattern calls for, mine is 1/2″, so I am sewing at 1/2″ all the way down until I get to the pocket bag and then where the 1/2″ seam allowance meets on my side seam to the 1/2″ on my pocket bag that is the point that we are going to pivot at it’s important to get a good clean point right there. As that’s going to make your garment look the best whenever you actually have it on & it’s right side out once you get to the bottom of your pocket bag you’re going to do the exact same thing you did at the top & you are going to sew until you get to the point where your seam allowances meet each other from the side seam and the pocket bag and at that point you’re going to pivot back to your side seam and then you can just continue sewing down the rest of what’s left of your side seam if you sewed your pockets correctly then your pockets will look great on the inside as well as the outside here you can see what that top stitch looks like once the garment is finished and all sewn up.

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