Sewing with Home-Made Fabric Twine

Don’t go for sewing trade school if you can learn online. Let’s know something. I made these two baskets, a little coaster, and I’m trying to make a rug as well. All out of fabric twine I made out of nothing but scraps. To see how to make that wine you can check out one of my older videos, the link is in the description below. When you have enough twine to get started you can sew it together with your house sewing machine. Your bobbin track will be showing on the outside and the spool track on the inside of your basket. Choose a zigzag stitch that is wide enough to cover both sides of the twine your sewing together. I used five wide and 2.5 long. Use the needle stop down function, if you have that on your machine because the pivoting at the start will get easier that way. I use this exact foot, and keep the mark in the center between the two grooves of rope. I use a heavy duty needle, 90/14.

To make the base of a round basket coil the track in a little circle, very tightly make a little disk, stitch this disk down. You can turn or just sew across the disk. When you start building up the base further, make sure your cord supply is coming out the left side of the circle and you are turning the disk, the little circle, counter clockwise. So you keep your project on the left side.

Once you have the base size you want, you can start building up the sides of the basket with your hand under the base circle, as close to the foot, the pressure foot as you can and hold the base up against the side of the sewing machine. So, turn your base as vertical as possible and continue sewing with the zigzag stitch. To end, you turn the end of your twine inwards, in between and stich it down with the zigzag stitch. For an oblong shaped basket, you start it the same way. But, instead of making a little disk, a circle, you just fold over the end about two inches or more, sew them together and then continue adding twine around this little strip. To make a rug, you can build it up like the base of a basket, so round or oblong. Or, just line up that wine in parallel rows and make U-turns at the end. What is most difficult is keeping the project nice and flat. I will still need some practice here.

Home Made Scrubbie Dish Clothes Sewing

I’m going to be showing you how to make this really quick and easy dish cloth I love this dish cloth because it’s rough on one side and it’s soft on the other side and it’s very delicate so it won’t Wreck your fine china or your Teflon surfaces. So let’s get into it Okay, so this is a closer look for this project There are literally no measurements because you can make them as small or as big as you want. I grab some burlap This one is actually from Walmart, but you can get it from the dollar store I have seen rolls of burlap at the dollar store And then I’m also using microfiber cloths, and I also got those at the dollar store. They’re like three for a dollar which is super cheap. So you couldn’t make this the size of an actual? Dishcloth if you want to or you can make it smaller like a sponge size So for this tutorial, I will be making a sponge size and I will be using a product called zorb It absorbs ten times the amount of liquid.

It is found in baby cloth diaper inserts. You could use fleece as well I’m going to Stack it with the zorb on the bottom the microfiber cloth and then my burlap on top and then. I will sew all the way Around leaving a 1-inch gap then I’m going to snip the corners. And remember if you don’t have zorb or you don’t want to use herb that’s totally cool you can make it into a dish cloth size nice and big and You don’t even have to have that and it works just as a regular cloth would so I’m going to turn it right-side out and I’m going to use a stick to just poke out the corners and Then I’m going to fold in the edges of that hole and then. I’ll do a top stitch around it to Secure that hole and then another top stitch a smaller one inside. You don’t have to do this if you’re omitting the zorb. But if you want to make sure that your centers. Doesn’t move like if you do have zorb or fleece inside and you don’t want it to shift Just for extra security you can do another and it also looks kind of cool too. So once you’ve done that last top stitch then you’re done I think it turned out super cute so easy you can give them as gifts Just make a ton of them to have on hand and you can color code each one. Say the yellow stay in the bathroom and the pink stay in the kitchen So if you enjoyed the tutorial, please give me a thumbs up.

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